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NFera AU7 - Nexen Tires

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NFera AU7

Features and Benefits


N’Fera AU7 is designed for the discretionary driver of sports cars, luxury coupes, and performance sedans looking for superior traction in dry and wet conditions. The N’Fera AU7 stands out against the competition, especially in wet conditions.

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Size MSPN Price Each  
215/40R18 15627NXK $139.57 More Info
225/40R18 14422NXK $133.88 More Info
225/45ZR19 14418NXK $179.64 More Info
225/50R18 14406NXK $123.08 More Info
235/40R18 15231NXK $135.91 More Info
235/40R19 15234NXK $189.09 More Info
235/45ZR18 15230NXK $141.67 More Info
235/45ZR19 15629NXK $171.33 More Info
235/50R18 15114NXK $145.29 More Info
245/40ZR17 14419NXK $131.68 More Info
245/40R18 14411NXK $141.88 More Info
245/40R19 14420NXK $197.95 More Info
245/45ZR18 14410NXK $136.76 More Info
245/45ZR20 XL 14413NXK $192.37 More Info
255/35ZR19XL 15630NXK $173.29 More Info
255/40ZR18 14421NXK $180.56 More Info
255/40ZR19 14423NXK $188.49 More Info
255/45R18 14414NXK $164.55 More Info
255/45ZR19 15233NXK $194.16 More Info
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