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ROADIAN A/T PRO RA8 - Nexen Tires

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Features and Benefits

Dual block design prevents gravel from being caught and damage caused from external impact.

Micro groove design enhances driving performance and traction on wet or snow covered roads.

Staggered center rib and increased block strength provide greater biting for off road use.

Wide shoulder block design and enhanced block stiffness increase stability and durability, even on tough roads.

Non LT Mileage warranty: 50,000

LT Mileage Warranty: 40,000

Select a tire size to view more details:

Size MSPN Price Each  
LT215/85R16 13965NXK $151.24 More Info
LT225/75R16/10 12743NXK $151.20 More Info
235/70R16 12764NXK $134.95 More Info
235/75R15 14392NXK $124.11 More Info
LT235/75R15/6 12744NXK $131.64 More Info
235/75R17 15211NXK $162.88 More Info
LT235/80R17/10 13354NXK $186.71 More Info
LT235/85R16/10 12748NXK $160.36 More Info
245/65R17 14436NXK $144.49 More Info
245/70R17 12784NXK $138.13 More Info
LT245/70R17/10 13113NXK $171.53 More Info
LT245/75R16/10 12740NXK $151.36 More Info
245/75R16 12771NXK $132.89 More Info
LT245/75R17/10 12746NXK $190.72 More Info
255/70R16 12760NXK $134.69 More Info
255/70R17 16049NXK $148.35 More Info
255/70R18 15209NXK $175.17 More Info
255X75R17 16060NXK $159.81 More Info
265/60R18 13123NXK $170.72 More Info
265/60R20 15214NXK $248.95 More Info
265/65R17 12785NXK $173.13 More Info
265/65R18 12780NXK $177.36 More Info
265/70R16 12758NXK $150.56 More Info
265/70R17 13637NXK $149.51 More Info
LT265/70R17/10 12735NXK $178.27 More Info
265/70R18 15210NXK $186.84 More Info
LT265/70R18 15217NXK $191.32 More Info
265/75R16 12759NXK $145.65 More Info
LT265/75R16/10 12738NXK $169.75 More Info
275/55R20 12783NXK $182.11 More Info
LT275/55R20 16063NXK $207.65 More Info
LT275/60R20 16062NXK $257.89 More Info
275/60R20 13121NXK $184.91 More Info
275/65R18 12774NXK $196.85 More Info
275/65R18 15215NXK $223.87 More Info
LT275/65R20 13111NXK $276.53 More Info
275/70R18 14760NXK $231.51 More Info
285/45R22 16055NXK $252.39 More Info
LT285/55R20 15212NXK $289.85 More Info
LT285/65R18 15216NXK $243.79 More Info
285/70R17 15218NXK $226.63 More Info
285/70R17 16061NXK $180.59 More Info
P305/45R22 16059NXK $261.39 More Info
LT305/55R20 15213NXK $309.17 More Info
30X9.50R15/6 12753NXK $155.89 More Info
31X10.50R15/6 12750NXK $146.65 More Info
33X12.50R15 16282NXK $170.47 More Info
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